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TINMAN x Simi/Angus
TINMAN x Direct Hit
TINMAN x Heat Wave
TINMAN x Guess Who/Double Stuff
TINMAN x Ladies Man
TINMAN x Maine


  sire: Alias • dam: Full Throttle X Cunia
  calved: 3/11/07 • bw: 92 lbs. • TH Free • PHA Free

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TiNMAN is built from the ground up. He has a big foot, stout bone and is tremendously sound. It will be tough to find an Alias son that is as sound and good structured as TiNMAN. Plus, he is soft made with an enormous amount of mass. All pilled into a
powerful package with performance.

Recommended Use
We recommend using TiNMAN on those TH & PHA pedigreed females. We feel he’ll work on a variety of females, especially Heat Wave’s and Heat Seeker’s. We think
he’ll transmit bone, power and performance while being TH & PHA free.

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